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5 May 2024 at 22:59:35





I am unable to login to admin page of my website


I am writing to follow up on my email from yesterday. I wanted to confirm that the issues I previously raised have not been resolved.

I am having trouble with the lost password feature on the website When I try to use it, I receive the following error message:

"Error: The email could not be sent. Your site may not be correctly configured to send emails. Get support for resetting your password."

This issue is causing problems for my business and I would appreciate it if you could address it as soon as possible. I need to be able to use and update the website again.

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,

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WPWorld Team

Hi Robert, yes you can: Use your email when logging into our site and resubscribe:

We suggest you consider a highly discounted annual hosting plan or above to avoid this from happening.
Upon reactivation, we can enabled ot sites/services

28 May 2024 at 21:47:46

David Coffield


Thank you very much. Site restored! Now I know to do all changes on staging site first - NOT live site!

Thank you again.


28 May 2024 at 11:16:31

WPWorld Team

Hi David, you can restore a daily backup from yesterday for example.

In order to restore a backup, please go to your WPPanel (, manage the site of choice, go to "Timeline Backups" menu.
There you will see two sections: Webspace and Database. Each of these must be restored to a chosen date, and to do that first hit the "View Snapshots" button on the webspace row, choose the data&time of the restore (the third setting can remain blank) and hit "restore". Wait for the process to finish.
Next, do exactly the same with the Database row (the correct database should be preselected).

When that is done the site should be restored, you may need to clear cache and if you get database connection errors, ensure that the wp-config.php file DB password corresponds to the passwords of that same database under the "MYSQL Databases" menu, or simply save that password again to ensure that's the situation.

Video with step-by-step instructions:

28 May 2024 at 10:52:57

Veronica Zappia

Thank you for the explanation

28 May 2024 at 07:40:20

David Coffield

Hi, thanks for reply. Everything worked no problem except for the transfering domain part. When I entered the domains I wish to transfer in the "Transfer Domains" section I get directed to a 'Forbidden - page you are looking for is not available" and am unable to actually transfer the domain to you. I have changed the tag to STACK as instructed.

Could you please advise.


23 May 2024 at 11:27:47

Yes the domain is

23 May 2024 at 11:14:01

WPWorld Team

Hi David, prior to the domain transfer I'd handle the email migration. Make sure you create your sites on your dashboard ( or if you don't want these domains to serve as whole sites, you can also add them to existing site packages of choice through the WPPanel -> Domains (

Then If you'd like to migrate emails, you can do so through your WPPanel (
1) Create your inbox(es) on the panel via "Email Accounts" under email.
2) Go to "Email Migration" under the Email section, where you can migrate any inbox over, using the host name (that would be the URL you are currently logging into your inbox through), email username and password, full details here:

Then feel free to transfer the domains themselves over via the WPPanel "Transfer Domains" section.

Let me know if that makes sense

22 May 2024 at 21:12:59

Sure. Please provide the user's email. is the domain in question?

21 May 2024 at 12:01:06

WPWorld Team

Hi Veronica, the issue is not the image, but the fact you are loading the site inside an iframe:

insecure iframes are a huge seucrity risk and are discouraged by our hosting server to protect our users and cloud network. They are a danger for: XSS attacks, injection, clickjacking and more (

20 May 2024 at 20:11:50

Veronica Zappia

An answer would be appreciated please?

20 May 2024 at 20:07:03

WPWorld Team

Hi Tamika, of course you have WPPanel access (that's our version of cPanel), you can SSO right in on this link:

If you need a new separate panel account to share with someone else let me know their email

20 May 2024 at 08:42:11

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