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Beaver Builder Breakdown: Streamlining WordPress Design with Beaver Builder

Landing pages are reception areas where users typically end up clicking Facebook ads or Google ads.


Developing a marketing campaign is a daunting task, especially when it comes to designing landing pages. It needs a healthy dose of marketing science to design landing pages. Once you understand some of the finer details of making effective landing pages, your marketing strategy will reach the next level. So you can understand why landing pages are gaining importance to convert leads once you understand some of the finer details.


However, WordPress website owners can get things done easily and quickly with Beaver Builder. This page builder is loved by website developers and DIYers. Beaver Builder is a reliable option among developers because of its user-friendliness, clean code, and reliable updates. Over one million websites are using this WordPress page builder. We will discuss the details about it. 

What is a Beaver Builder?


Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is an intuitively built WordPress page builder. You can design beautiful and responsive websites or blogs easily with it. Page builders provide several benefits, including:


  • Drag-and-drop Interface

  • Pre-designed templates

  • A range of customizable modules


You won’t need any coding skills to design a page. It requires simple drag-and-drop controls. You can even move UI elements, including text and images. Create awesome layouts for your website that attract more users and increase retention.

Beaver Builder provides:


  • Responsive design

  • Lightning-fast loading speeds

  • Flexible customization options


These provisions take the user experience to the next level. Use Beaver Builder today and take your internet presence to the next level. 

Beaver Builder features 

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder comes in both free and premium versions. The Lite/Free version is available in the WordPress plugin repository, which you can use to create a simple webpage. The Lite/Free is perfect for a hobby blog, but the Premium version is great to purchase if you’re serious about creating a website for your website. Below are some features:


Basic Modules: Lite only has 5 basic modules, while the pro version comes with 8 modules. The premium version also includes buttons, a separator, and a heading.


Beaver Builder

Advanced Modules: This is available in the pro version and adds more functionality to your website. Modules included in the premium version are a content slider, map, icons, slideshow, gallery, contact form, call to action, callout, social buttons, a countdown, and more.


Templates: No pre-made templates are included in the free version. They come in landing pages and content page classifications. You can create your templates, but only the Pro version allows you to save them.


Global rows: When saving a row or even a module, you’ll get the option to make it global. You can also edit it.


Import/Export: Imagine creating an amazing template and wanting to export it to other websites. The Pro version makes it easy to do it.


Background Options: This feature is available in both the free and pro versions. You can change any row. You can use a color, gradient, photo, or video background in the free version. In this version, you’ll be able to use the parallax and slideshow advance background options.


Full Page Control: Normally, page builders are not able to edit specific areas like headers, footers, and sidebars in web pages. But Beaver Builder features editing options for previously untouchable areas. Beaver Builder, with their add-on called Beaver Themer, enables you to take full page control.

Beaver Builder


Priority Support: The Beaver Builder team provides priority support to premium users. This tech support is super helpful, and customers appreciate their approach to getting issues fixed as quickly as possible as they arise. 

System Requirements for Beaver Builder


Beaver Builder

There are some system requirements for Beaver Builder.


WordPress Versions: Use the latest version of WordPress and PHP for better security and performance.


  • WordPress 4.6 and above; PHP 5.6.20 and above (PHP 7. x recommended)


Beaver Builder Version or higher is required for versions of WordPress since 4.9.6:


  • Beaver Theme for WordPress 4.6 and above

Beaver Builder Theme: WordPress 4.1 and above | PHP 5.6.20 and above


Browser Compatibility: The three latest Chrome versions—Firefox, Safari, and Edge—are all compatible with the Beaver Builder. We recommend IE 11 for Internet Explorer.


jQuery Versions: jQuery versions bundled with WordPress are supported by Beaver Builder. We recommend that you not use other jQuery versions because they end up damaging your website. Hence, avoid these roadblocks before installing Beaver Builder on your website. 

How to install Beaver Builder


Installation of Beaver Builder on WordPress in both free and premium versions is extremely fast. Below is a separate process for installing both versions.

Lite/Free Version Installation


  • Go to the WordPress Dashboard.

  • Click on the Plugins > Add new

Beaver Builder

  • Search for Beaver Builder on the right side of the search bar.

  • Click on the install option and activate it.

Beaver Builder

  • Once you’re done with the installation and activation of Beaver Builder, another Beaver Builder option will appear as you mouse over any page or post in your dashboard. 

Premium Version Installation


You must follow the following steps if you upgrade the free Beaver Builder to the premium version or directly purchase the pro version.


  • Go to the My Account page and download the zip file of Beaver Builder. The license key appears above the zip file links.

Beaver Builder

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugin > Add New. Click on their upload plugin.

Beaver Builder

  • Click on the Choose file button, and the browse window appears.

Beaver Builder

  • Select your Beaver Builder zip file from your local system. You can also drag the file to the top of the Browse button. On the right of the Choose File button, the zip file name will appear.

  • Click on the Install Now button.

Beaver Builder

  • Understand the scenario before activating Beaver Builder. The Lite version will be automatically deactivated upon installing the Pro version. Click on Replace current with uploaded if you have already installed the pro version.

  • Click on Activate to activate the plugin.

Beaver Builder

Why Beaver Builder


  • Regular updates and customer support are certain because it is built by a reputable company, which means it is going to stir around for a long time.

  • It’s a developer-friendly builder.

  • User complaints don’t fall on deaf ears because Beaver Builder developers have been making improvements based on customer reviews.

  • Responsive mobile editing.

  • Updates don’t break your website. This shows perfection for agencies and developers to work calmly on high-stakes projects.

  • Beaver Builder has little things that make users’ lives easier, like a direct link to the WordPress dashboard or theme customization. It opens separately on a different tab. 

Beaver Builder Pricing


This Plugin comes in both free and paid versions; however, the premium version becomes essential if you want to use it beyond a hobby blog. Beaver Builder Pro licenses start at $99 with updates for an unlimited number of websites and a 40% off renewal. This is a standard plan that we would recommend for building websites:


  • E-commerce

  • Business

  • Professional blog


There are more expensive plans available that feature:


  • White-label functionality

  • WordPress multisite support

  • The official Beaver Builder theme


If you want to buy agency pages, we recommend purchasing one of the more expensive Beaver Builder plans. Apart from that, the Standard Plan is perfect for almost everything else.

Beaver Builder Pros and Cons


  • Full Template and Block Library

  • Ideal for agencies

  • Whitelabel Option on Higher Package

  • Fast front-end page builder

  • Modern design features

  • Gradients and drop shadows


  • No lack of filter

  • Extra costs for theme builders

FAQs about Beaver Builder


Is Beaver Builder worth it?


There are several WordPress page-building plugins available. Beaver Builder has an edge over other page builders because its ease of use is simply incomparable. The user interface is also extremely easy. Easy-to-configure modules help put together multiple websites. Beaver Builder even works wonders for experienced WordPress developers. You can design personal and client projects faster, which often requires a lot of time.


Can I use Beaver Builder for free?


Yes, page builder also comes with a lite or free version. It includes the plugin’s core functionality and much more that you will need to build excellent landing pages.


Is Beaver Builder compatible with WooCommerce?


Yes, Beaver Builder is compatible with WooCommerce. Instead, you’ll get additional e-commerce modules for building your store.


Which Beaver Builder version should I use?


Both the free and pro versions are perfect for most users. We recommend you use the free version before moving to the premium. This will give you an advantage in learning about it in detail. With Cloudways, you can launch a new VPS that comes in free Beaver Builder Vision and takes minutes to preinstall.


Which theme should I use with Beaver Builder?


Beaver Builder is compatible with most modern WordPress themes. However, we would recommend the Beaver Builder theme for an outstanding experience. You will get lots of amazing ideas using this theme. 

Final Thoughts


Landing pages are game changers for websites to improve their conversion rates. Choosing the right page builder, like Beaver Builder, can save you lots of time that you may spend on other software.


Despite its limitations, Beaver Builder is a reliable option to take your marketing strategies to the next level. We use and recommend this WordPress page builder to achieve amazing-looking results. It is popular among developers for several reasons, such as:


  • Developer friendly

  • Clean code

  • Reliable updates

  • Great support system


These outstanding approaches make this page builder one of the best on the market. This is a great choice to test the waters of the market and see how landing pages can increase conversion rates. It comes in multiples that you can choose according to your needs.

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