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The Top 10 Social Media Plugins for WordPress: Boosting Your Site’s Engagement

WordPress is a popular content management system that provides several plugins and themes to stand out in search engine results. As social media is among the top traffic drivers to your website, WordPress offers social media plugins to make things a lot easier for the website. Are you also looking for the best WordPress social media plugin that meets your needs? We will offer you guidance on the best plugins that you should consider. 

Social media presence is extremely important in this digital age to succeed in online business. This is why linking a WordPress website to a social media platform is extremely important. In this post, we’ll guide you about which social media plugins could prove to be incredibly helpful for you.


Social Media Plugins

RafflePress is one of the best social media plugins for your WordPress website. You can create viral giveaways and contests, attract traffic from social media platforms, and boost social engagement. The drag-and-drop giveaway builder makes it easier to set start and end dates, add prize details, and more. 


RafflePress also comes with many pre-made giveaway templates for specific needs. These templates help you jumpstart your giveaway campaign. Unique giveaway entry actions are something where RafflePress stands out. Using this feature, you can reward participants with extra giveaway entries for performing actions.  



  • Social Media Entry Actions: This allows you to offer extra giveaway entries for following or engaging on your social media pages. 

  • Giveaway Templates: Choose from goal-based giveaway templates such as Grow Your Facebook Page and Grow Your YouTube Channel. 

  • Refer-a-Friend: Reward users with bonus giveaway entries if they share your getaway on social media.  


Social Media Plugins

Blog2Social is a very useful plugin for managing a social media calendar within your WordPress. You can share your WordPress posts on your connected social media sites with a managed calendar. The plugin supports all major social media platforms, such as Instagram, X, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

Scheduling posts is extremely easy. You only need to drag and drop scheduled posts to different slots in the calendar. This helps WordPress websites to be more efficient with their social media management tasks. However, its only drawback is that the calendar option is only available in the premium version. 



  • Manage social media calendar: Manage social media posts from your WordPress backend. 

  • Auto-share posts: This feature is a breeze because it manages itself automatically without requiring any cross-promotion.  


Social Media Plugins

Better Click to Tweet is a perfect plugin if you want to add quote boxes for Twitter within your posts. Using conventional share buttons is one of the ways to post WordPress content on social media. Better Click to Tweet gives an interesting twist to the same idea, adding quotable text that allows users to share on Twitter instantly. 


You can customize the tweet box in the premium version without any coding. Better Click to Tweet is an excellent way to attract traffic from Twitter to your website. 



  • Easy embed option: Add a click-to-tweet box using a content block in your WordPress editor.  


Social Media Plugins

Nextend Social Login quickens the WordPress login and registration process and allows users to log in through social media apps. This plugin is especially great if you run a community or membership website that requires users to log in to access the site.


Faster registration and login options are things that every user likes. Nextend Social makes it easier to add social logins as an alternative to the default WordPress login.



  • User-friendly interface: Simply designed interface 

  • Excellent provider support: Supports 15+ social media providers for login and registration. 

  • Customization: Create different button skins and edit button labels. 


Social Media Plugins

Shareaholic is a highly configurable plugin that allows you to add social media icons to your posts and pages.


You can customize the design and style of your social media buttons using its visual editor. Flexibility in terms of customization will simply blow your mind. 



  • Layout of the buttons

  • Vary the size and alignment of the buttons.

  • Toggle on or off the share count display.

  • Choose different pre-built button themes. 


Social Media Plugins

Envira Gallery is for creating beautiful image galleries in WordPress. It offers several amazing features, like slideshows, albums, image compression, pre-made gallery themes, and more. 


Its powerful Instagram add-on makes Envira a great social media plugin. You can create Instagram photo galleries on your WordPress site with this add-on. 


Envira’s Instagram add-on can quickly import Instagram images into WordPress in 3 clicks, which may take hours manually. Envira Gallery isn’t only for photos; it also comes with a video add-on to create responsive WordPress video galleries. You can create video galleries on different platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, Wista, VideoPress, and more.  



  • Social Sharing: You can share photos on LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and more social media platforms. 

  • Instagram Galleries: Import Instagram photos into your WordPress image galleries and link these galleries to your Instagram posts. 

  • YouTube Galleries: Create responsive video galleries in WordPress from YouTube as well as other multiple platforms. 


Social Media Plugins

Smash Balloon is a suite of multiple individual plugins that handle feeds for popular social networks. The best thing is that you can get lots of features for free. As you set it up, Smash Balloon starts displaying posts, photos, and videos from social handles on your WordPress website. 


This is great for users to stay in touch with updates from social media profiles to boost their following. 


In the Pro version, users get the freedom to choose their social media sources. This helps you generate a feed based on your timeline or based on public posts that match specific hashtags from Twitter or Instagram.


Customization is also great for a well-designed and user-friendly interface. 



  • YouTube Feed: Create feeds of your list, embed a YouTube playlist on your website, customize the layout, and more. 

  • Social Wall: Combine social feeds into a single social wall.

  • Custom Facebook Feed: Add Facebook videos, audio, photos, etc., from your WordPress website.

  • There are several more features that you’ll enjoy! 

Revive Social


Social Media Plugins

The Revive Social allows you free social media post sharing. You can connect to Facebook and Twitter profiles using the free version of this plugin. This will initiate automatic social media sharing. 


Revive Social will automatically create a schedule with a queue of posts for sharing on social media.  



  • Hour timer: You can select the time between posts, which is great for backdated content. 

  • Scheduler: Automatic schedule for sharing content on your social media.  

AddToAny Share Buttons is among the simplest social sharing plugins you’ll ever see on the market. It supports dozens of social media platforms. The plugin gives you complete control over which buttons you would like to share posts with. 


AddToAny makes it easier to add the buttons you want to add. Configuration options are further simplified. AddToAny supports tons of placement options that allow you to add buttons at the top or bottom of your blog posts.  



  • Social media share buttons: Tons of social media platforms. 

  • Universal sharing menu: Easy to track

  • Social sharing bars: Standard and floating social media sharing bars  


Social Media Plugins

Feed Them Social has several similar features to Smash Balloon. This allows you to show social media posts on your WordPress website.


Feed Them Social is pretty easy to use and encounters no problems while setting up or creating feeds. 



  • Multiplatform support: Link feeds from several media platforms to broaden your audience.  

Final Thoughts 


Social media plugins for WordPress websites are handy tools to cement your social media presence. You may find a handful of them suitable for your website. Regardless, you have plenty of options to choose from.


We highly recommend RafflePress for your website. It offers multiple features that can help you attract an audience on social media. I hope you find what’s best suited to your needs!

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