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What makes Elementor Pro the best page builder in the WordPress market?

Many web developers say that Elementor is the best thing that has happened to them. Web developers can create responsive, functional, and customized websites with it. Elementor is possibly the most powerful page builder for WordPress. With Elementor, you can create column layouts, insert icons, and make small changes reserved for web designers.

What is Elementor?

Elementor Pro

The Elementor WordPress plugin is a visual page builder for both beginner and seasoned web developers. Developers can create stunning designs with partially moving elements.


Elementor is a landmark product for web developers, designers, and content editors. Interface is extremely easy because it combines the building of a website with real-time HTML, CSS, and JavaScript editing tools. It won’t be wrong to call it revolutionary stuff about the way websites are built.


A designer or developer creates building blocks for websites and can drag and drop them into their website template. The editor works on the front end of your website and shows you the view of your creation, which puts developers at a big advantage. User-friendly visibility makes content creation possible in an easy and faster way. With a little training, it is possible to move quickly around the functionality and the logical structure.

User Data

The popularity of Elementor speaks to the data. And you know, data is the greatest indicator of success rate in the digital age. It took Elementor just a few years to become the most used WordPress page builder.


Elementor Pro is used by over 64% of websites.


According to W3Techs, WordPress is used on 42.7% of all websites. Among the most used WordPress plugins, Elementor is on the second list. Yoast SEO is the most used WordPress plugin. In other plugins:


  • Elementor with 6%

  • Visual Composer with 6% with a difference of some points

  • WPBakery, with 5% on the third

Install Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro

Once you have bought the pro version, you need to log in to your account there and download the plugin. So you need to have both plugins.


Install the zip file in the WordPress. It should be admin under Plugins > Install > Upload Plug-in and activate it.


After getting done with the installation, you need to connect your installation with your Elementor account in the menu Elementor > License. 

What you get in Elementor Pro Page Builder: Features 


Days are now part of the past when you had to hire an experienced coder to build the website for your business. Nowadays, all you need is an effective page builder plugin. For this purpose, Elementor Pro is one of the best. Features of the Elementor Pro are.


Additional widgets: The extra set of available widgets is one of the biggest advantages of the Pro version of the Elementor page builder on WordPress. The design of the page builder is especially focused on building visibly great pages, courtesy of the range of features. There are several widgets, including:

Elementor Pro

  • Call-to-action widgets

  • Media carousel

  • Login widgets

  • Price list

  • Price table


Popup builder: Popup forms are a necessary evil in the context of online marketing. They keep popping up to collect information from the visitors. Businesses can collect information like email addresses, names, contact details, preferences, and likes. This also helps to convey information to the visitors, such as new offers, discounts, and the launch of new products. Elementor Pro helps webmasters create forms to reach out to more users.


Elementor Pro

More templates: Elementor Pro gives you the advantage of lots more templates than the free version. It gives access to over 3000 themes and pages available on the portal. You can choose any template according to your requirements. It puts businesses at an advantage because they can choose a theme that describes their business. 

Elementor Pro

Higher customization: The Pro version of Elementor could really benefit you in terms of customization and changes. You can choose from a vast range of customizations to get the right design set for your business. The Pro version gives complete control over every inch and pixel of the site. You can implement different ideas and designs on the website.


WooCommerce Blocks: The Pro version of the page builder brings in the concept of WooCommerce Blocks, which optimizes results. This is extremely useful for building online store websites. The user can create layouts to display products. You can also create product categories for a better website interface. The add-to-cart option is one of the special features of the Pro version. This means the website can use Elementor’s product layout to display the items. 


Elementor Pro

Global widget: This widget means you can save it from your local platform and make it a global widget. Now, your local customizations are savable across multiple websites and platforms. 


Elementor Pro

In other features, users can enjoy:


  • Several different layouts and structures

  • Mobile preview

  • Contact forms that help visitors connect with you.

  • Embed the design template anywhere on the website.

  • Elementor Pro provides non-developers with the option to integrate email with various email marketing tools.


Elementor Pro


A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is essential for optimized-level security. The Elementor website builder includes an SSL certificate to ensure your website is fully protected and secure.

Malware scanning is another important feature of Elementor that protects sensitive information from viruses, worms, Trojans, or ransomware. The user also gets a detailed report after every scan, along with recommendations.

Customer Support

If you use Elementor Pro, you'll get 24/7 premium support via forms and tickets. A team of experts is always ready to answer any questions or address any issues.

The Elementor help center provides any kind of assistance the user can require about using the website builder. There is also an active community of web creators. Here, you can connect with web developers to share tips, ask questions, find inspiration, and more.

Elementor Page-Builder Cost


The Elementor Pro costs $49.00 to $999.00 per year. Unfortunately, the times when it was free for many websites are over. But who should buy the paid version of Elementor Pro? If you are seeking more features and possibilities, you want or need to build a comprehensive business website. Users also get all paid templates in the paid Elementor Pro version. Besides popups, form extensions, and Google Maps, you will also get many solutions for an online store with WooCommerce.


The next question you may have is whether you should upgrade to the paid Elementor Pro version. The answer is that you should definitely buy it for a professional look. The page builder isn’t just too fast; it also offers the possibility of different things, and this feature is unbeatable. 

The Future of the Elementor


Many developers, especially will be looking to know how protected is their investment in Elementor Pro. Well, Page-builders already seem to be part of the future. Elementor already has over 5 million installations. Simply put, the future is bright for the page creator. So your investment is in safe hands! 


So far, Elementor's developers are consistently working, and business models are convincing. Elementor delivers!

Pros and Cons 

Pros of Elementor Pro


Elementor has a track record of delivering the goods for a long time. So it has several pros.


  • There are tons of features for any page builder element.

  • Among the easiest visual editors to use.

  • The robust third-party system with a good chance of availability of any feature through a third-party add-on.

  • Dynamic content with a custom loop builder.

  • There are thousands of pre-made templates to choose from.

  • More intuitive, easier, and more lightweight 3.8 containers.



  • No table-builder widget

FAQs about Elementor Pro


Which plan should I get to build a website?


Elementor Pro comes with several features that help developers build complete WordPress websites. The Essential plan has all the features needed to build a basic website. The user gets access to 50 Pro widgets. You can also stay connected with your website visitors through basic marketing tools using the Form Builder.


The Advanced plan includes 82 Pro widgets that enable users to create e-commerce and professional websites. Users also get integrations with PayPal, Stripe, and much more.


Are the plans for Elementor Plugin and Elementor Hosting different?


Elementor Hosting Plans provides an end-to-end solution that equips you to provide all the features and benefits of the Elementor Pro Website Builder plugin. This results in a seamless creation experience at a great value. A hassle-free experience saves a lot of time to build a beautiful website, providing all features under one roof.


Elementor plugin plans to equip users to enjoy all features offered by Elementor Pro. But you'll have to purchase a hosting service with a WordPress installation. Then, you can download and install the Elementor plugin.


Can I change between different Pro plans?


Yes, you can switch from the free or pro plan anytime. You only have to click “Upgrade Now” and choose Plan in your Elementor account.


How can I pay?


You can pay with all major credit cards and PayPal. However, you won't get a free trial. But you'll get a thirty-day money-back guarantee with no strings attached. 

Final Thoughts


If you ask, is Elementor Pro "worth" it? You'll get a resounding yes from us! Elementor Pro is a punch pack of several features that make your website great. You can get several elements, templates, community support, and third-party add-ons. This makes Elementor Pro an ideal template for anyone wanting to build on WordPress.


Elementor is now becoming necessary with the addition of custom query loops to build custom dynamic websites using custom loops. Various price joints make it more viable for most users.

Still have some questions? Get their answers now! Contact us today!


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The Only WordPress Hosting

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Get included SEO package with your WordPress hosting plan.


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