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Migrate Your Website

The migration process is simple and fast.

Please take a moment to understand it before proceeding.

Submit Migration Request

Once you provide information, our team will review & start the migration process.

Review Migrated Website

The migrated website will be available over a temporary url for your review before switching.

Approve & Go Live

Once you approve everything is correct, it's time to point your domain to our name servers.

How it works:

Enter valid admin URL for your existing website:


Existing Website
Admin URL

Please provide admin level credentials:


*By providing my credentials I authorize WPWorld to securely use it for site migration.


Full Access Credentials

Choose datacenter location for your website





* Our CDN delivers content all over the world.


Datacenter Location

Your website will be migrated to WPWorld.

It will still remain online on your original domain until the switch.
Untitled (60).png

Note: Switch the Domain’s Nameservers to ours only after you’ve been notified that we’ve completed the migration of the site


Confirm & Migrate

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